Full Disclosure: Commissions Earned from All Amazon and Other Links, Ads and Recommendations With Links on This Site

CreatorConfidential.org and BlissFireMedia follow all FTC Guidelines with regard to affiliate sales, ads, sponsored posts, and monetization of links. To that end, we offer the following disclosure related to links on this site.

Full disclosure: Any and all links on this site may be monetized. If you click on these links and make purchases, we may be financially compensated. 

We may also receive compensation for sponsored posts, in which companies approach us to publish a post on our website in return for financial compensation. While we do accept a few sponsored posts each year, we are committed to best serving our audience and are thus very selective about which ones we accept.

To be clear, outside of sponsored posts, we may be financially compensated for any and all links we publish to any and all products or services not directly offered by the team at CreatorConfidential.org. Additionally, we may run ads from Google Adsense on this website and receive compensation from Google for interaction with these ads.

Please note that all links to Amazon.com may be affiliate links and we may earn a small commission on these links. This helps us keep up with site costs and to continue to create free content for our fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse. Thank you for your support. Please note: We may also accept paid sponsorships from individual companies and paid posts. When this happens, we will clearly mark the posts or product placements as sponsored. See our full privacy policy here. 

#CommissionsEarned From All Amazon Links on this Site

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