Want to Be a Best-Seller? Do THIS to Come Up With Ideas for Your Next Kindle eBook

by | Oct 6, 2021

When people find out what I do for a living, many of them ask me for my best advice on starting or running their own business. And whether they’re just getting started or they’ve been in the game forever, but they don’t feel like they’re succeeding, I tell them the same thing every time: if you see something that’s working, study it and figure out what you did right and how you can replicate it, as well as what you can do better next time. I’m not kidding. That single sentence has proven the most helpful thing I did as I built my online business (and how I have significantly improved nearly every area of my life, if we’re honest). Let me prove it to you with this example from my Great Kindle Experiment.

Try This Simple Tip to Generate Your Best-Selling Kindle eBook Ideas (With a Built-In Audience)

If you’ve been thinking about writing an ebook but you’re not sure precisely what you want to write about, this tip can be potent.  So, how can you generate the most profitable ebook ideas for your own Kindle publishing efforts?

What You’ll Need 

There are two free tools you can use to find out very specifically what you should write about, as well as what your now-established community will be interested in reading.

  1. A relatively active blog with even a tiny amount of traffic.
  2. Google Analytics installed and working for no less than a week.

Why do you need a blog before you write a Kindle eBook Best-Seller?

This post assumes that you’ve already got a blog and have installed Google Analytics. If you haven’t started a blog yet, you’re going to want to do that before you write an ebook for a couple of different reasons.

You need an audience.

When you start a blog, you’ll have begun to build an audience around this niche—presenting you with a group of people who might be happy to buy your Kindle eBook or to borrow it through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Note: the Kindle Unlimited fund is different than others (which means they would read your book as part of their membership program fee, and you would get a percentage of the overall Kindle fund based on the number of pages they read and a few other factors).

You need to know what your current audience needs from you.

When you have a few people willing to buy, read (and review!) your eBooks at the time of your launch, Amazon may show your book to more people searching for this topic on Amazon.

You need Amazon & Google to help them find you.

Being seen by people who are searching on Amazon and Google, of course, can lead to a boost in sales, which can even increase your long-term success (and your income) – both in Kindle eBook sales and in your whole content creator career. In other words, if you want to succeed using this tip, you need a place to be found.

Why does your blog need Google Analytics before you write a Kindle Best-Seller?

Something I did that was particularly useful was to use the analytics from my QueenBeeing.com site, which is where many of the readers and viewers find me. This helped me to figure out how I could help my community (the people who were already interested in hearing from me in an area where I am an expert), and exactly what I could write to help them to improve their life in some way.

So, once you’ve built a blog and a following, you’re going to want to know exactly what they need your help with, right? Well, that is if you really want to be a successful Kindle author. And Google Analytics and Google Search Console can offer some pretty powerful insight into what these people want and need from you. I’m going to explain exactly what I mean in the next section. But if you haven’t set it up for your blog yet, do it now and then come back and read the rest of this post in a week or two. Just copy the link to the post and save it, or share it to your social media, or bookmark it for later.

How do you use Google Analytics to find Best-Seller Kindle eBook ideas?

Go to Google Analytics for your blog through the “All Website Data” page and navigate to the Acquisition Tab.

Search Console Tab

Here, you’ll find some really helpful insights. For example, you can find out not only what people searched to find your site, but also how you ranked in those search results and how long the people stuck around and read or clicked through on your site (and much more!).

Landing Pages Tab

Here, take note of which articles and posts get the most hits. Those can offer significant insight into your best potential non-fiction ebook ideas.

Social Media Tab

You can find out which posts and pages are most shared, which can offer additional insight into what your blog readers think their own social connections will be interested in. That can be a sign of a topic that is of interest to a wider audience than you currently enjoy.

Explore Your Toolbox

Don’t be afraid to poke around and look at some of the other tools within the free Google Analytics interface. For example, there’s one that tells you the demographic of your average user, and another that will even tell you what they’re into.

Pick a Few Topics Based on Keywords and Interest

All of these kinds of insights can offer what kinds of content your blog readers might enjoy – which can help you pick the topic for your best-selling ebook. Now, take a few minutes to write down up to 10 possible topics based on both keywords and what your analytics tell you your readers are most interested in.

How do you use Google Search Console to find Best-Selling Kindle eBook ideas?

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a powerful tool you can integrate with your blog through Analytics that can provide even deeper insight into your website’s SEO efforts. This includes more comprehensive information on the keywords it ranks for (and where it ranks for them). You also can get additional information on impressions and clicks your site is getting per month on each of those keywords.

How does Google Search Console help?

The data provided by Google Search Console can help you determine which topics are most popular with your readers. Based on this data, you can write more content related to those topics, publish more frequently, or … yes, choose a best-selling topic for your next ebook! Google Search Console will give you information regarding your chosen keyword’s search volume, as well as some other details regarding any given keyword.

This will include things like:

  • What is the average number of searches that are done per month on Google for this keyword?
  • How many impressions do you get per month on Google for this keyword? (Impressions are how many times people see your blog post when they are searching for something on Google.)

What can you learn from Search Console Insights?

There’s a beta program through Google Search Console called Search Console Insights, and it does some cool things, including a connect your Google Analytics data in some pretty useful ways.

Find out how your most recent content is doing.

At a glance, you can learn how many hits your latest content is getting and where they’re coming from, plus how long people are staying on your site.

Find out which content is most popular on your blog.

You’ll get a list of your blog’s most popular content, and how long users are staying on your site once they’ve read it.

Find out how people find you.

  • Find out which content is being shared, and where.
  • Find out which sources are sending you the most traffic, and for which posts.
  • Learn where your blog’s traffic is coming from, whether it’s direct, referral, or Google search.

And more.

Use the data at your fingertips to your advantage.

It’s always smart to know what people are looking for – but even more, if you can find out what they’re looking for from YOU, you’re well on your way to becoming a best-selling Kindle author. If you follow this strategy, you can absolutely find the perfect idea for your next best-seller.

Coming Soon

I’ve also found plenty of other effective ways to come up with best-selling ideas for Kindle ebooks – and I’ll be sharing them with you in the coming weeks. Some are my own, and others belong to the many authors whose work I’ve enjoyed over the years. In either case, I’ll give credit where it’s due. Stay tuned.

What works for you? Share your best tips for finding best-selling Kindle ebook ideas in one of my Creator Confidential groups. 



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