Online eBook Marketing Experiments and Tests: What to Expect

by | Sep 24, 2021

*Editor’s Note: This post was originally written in April 2015.

So during the Great Kindle Publishing Experiment, I’m documenting my experimental efforts in which I’m writing and publishing ebooks exclusively to the Kindle platform, thereby offering me the opportunity to give my book away to Kindle Unlimited members (and still earn a royalty) as well as selling it to “everyone else” on the platform.

One of the things that seems to be becoming a regular feature here at the blog is my online ebook marketing experiments and tests – so I figured I’d throw together a quick post on what that means and what to expect from me.

So it looks like this.

I pick up really great ideas for marketing Kindle ebooks here and there and then I try them out. Sometimes they’re my own original ideas, and other times I pick them up from various sources like blogs and YouTube videos and other Kindle authors.

As a Kindle author myself, I’m obviously also a pretty avid Kindle reader – and right now, I happen to be consuming a ton of books on Kindle marketing. So you’ll probably hear a lot of ideas from that platform – and don’t worry, I’ll always share links to my sources and the books I use will be listed on my online authors’ resources page.

So far, I’ve talked about trying to write an article at HubSpot as a marketing tool – not my cup of tea, from the current state of the situation – and more recently, I took a page from the Fortune Cookie Principle to figure out “what business I’m in.”

Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to share your Kindle ebook marketing ideas with me! I’m all ears – and we’re all in this together!

Questions, comments, concerns? Let me hear it.


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