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Creator Confidential Support System

Our creator support system was built for you as a professional online creator of digital content, by Angie Atkinson. Angie is a successful professional online creator of digital content, an author, and a multi-certified life coach and certified trauma counselor. Angie created this site, Creator Confidential to serve as an online community for professional creators who are serious about making their livings on the internet.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been creating meaningful content, there’s a chance you can use the support. It’s possible that your box of tools had many gaps and your mentors were probably your co-workers and fellow apprentices. Good news! That’s exactly what the Creator Confidential Support System is for, helping you build a network of creators at all stages who are working on their own projects from wherever they are in the world. 


Creator Confidential Support Groups

Creator Confidential is a private, closed membership community that will help you to build your YouTube channel or blog’s readership. We’ll lend support when the numbers are getting you down. We’ll give you strength in your push to achieve your goals. We’ll hold you accountable for your actions, both in the creative sphere and in the community at large. This group comprises creative types of many different varieties, from bloggers to YouTubers, podcasters to vloggers, Instagrammers to livestreamers.

Kindle Author Support Groups

Do you need feedback and help on your latest, greatest Kindle book release? Join this Amazon Kindle Author Support Group and Amazon Kindle and Promotion to Get More Reading Members. Join the support and peer review group for Kindle-centric writing and publishing authors. Participate in writing exercises, discussion groups, and more.

About Creator Confidential Support

Connect with others including other creators, influencers, bloggers, marketers, consultants, and more. Community is a great way to connect with others. In return, you’ll learn new tools, make new connections, and find better ways to succeed online. Creator confidential groups support content creation by giving you quick and easy access to an online community that understands you and your business. We all do what we love, but we also need to eat (and pay rent). Creator confidential groups is a place where you and like-minded individuals empower each other to make your next project a success.

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The Great Kindle Experiment: The Marketing Plan, Part One

The Great Kindle Experiment: The Marketing Plan, Part One

*Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2015. Part of the reason I've started this site is so that I can keep track of my efforts, in addition to being able to share them with my fellow writers, but also because I need a certain level of...

Meet The Host

Angie Atkinson

Angie Atkinson

Creator Confidential Founder

Angie Atkinson has been an online content creator since 2005. She owns BlissFire Media and is a popular blogger, YouTube creator, and TikToker, as well as the author of more than 20 books, many of which can be found at Amazon.com. See her full bio here. 

Goals and Vision

To share my mistakes, successes, and lessons I’ve learned along the way of becoming a successful online content creator – along with the resources that have helped me, industry news and updates, and everything else I’ve learned about how to build a successful online content-focused business so that you can build your own business more quickly and effectively.

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